The road never actually ends, but it does pause now and again. 

We had a humdinger of a fall on the release tour for THE WILD, playing something like 30 shows in 15 states across three time zones.
We played lots of old-favorite rooms and some great new ones too.
We found layers and angles and inflections in the new songs, both mine & JF's, that we didn't know were there.
We successfully taught our 9-year-old long division. 
We got to convene with many dear scattered friends, including every member of Eric Heywood's family.
We only had to dig the van out of mud with shovels, in the pitch dark, while it was snowing, one time. 
Our child now has a college fund, thanks to her vigilantly-maintained swear jar. 
We had two road firsts, which are rare at this point: the first instance of the entire band taking to the dance floor (to a cover band in the hotel bar), and the first time getting our van voluminously shat upon (by an Iowan cow). 

All in all it was an adventure both on & off the stage and we couldn't have imagined it any better. 

Deepest gratitude to all the clubs and the hardworking people there who make the shows possible, our ace kid wranglers Cynthia and Danielle, and the amazing audiences who showed up, absorbed so much new music, and gave so much back. 

Above all, thankyou to traveling companions Jeffrey Foucault, Billy Conway, Jeremy Moses Curtis, Eric Heywood. If there's a better feeling than playing music with people you love, I haven't run across it yet.

I hope you all have a sweet holiday season and we'll see you next year - *kd

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JANUARY 7 & 8 - KD participates in "Songs from Three Mile Island" New Material from the Sub Rosa Songwriting Retreat. Club Passim, CAMBRIDGE, MA Jan 7 TixJan 8 Tix
FEBRUARY 2 - The Cactus Club, AUSTIN, TX (cobill w Matt the Electrician)
FEBRUARY 3 - Anderson Fair, HOUSTON, TX (cobill w Matt the Electrician)
FEBRUARY 10 - The Spire Center, PLYMOUTH, MA Tix
FEBRUARY 22 - Club Passim, CAMBRIDGE, MA Tix
FEBRUARY 23 - Club Passim, CAMBRIDGE, MA Tix