It's the season to end hibernations, and in that spirit I'm starting a slow emergence from my non-touring respite. It's been enlightening, exotic, and deeply restorative to spend several months in a row based at my own house for the first time in 20 years - but I'm looking forward to a few nice shows over the summer and then a big record release tour in the fall.

ROCKPORT: I have one show this month which is a peach: the Shalin Liu Performing Arts Center in Rockport, Mass. This is a gorgeous seaside venue where the performers are often wearing tuxedos. I get to play it with my friend Tim Gearan, one of the best songwriters and guitar players that any of us can hope to hear during our lifetime. Dietrich Strause, no slouch himself in either department, will be on hand too to play a opening set. I do not expect tuxedos to be worn by any of us. In fact, the idea of all of us descending on the Shalin Liu reminds me of a time a few years ago when I scored a rare upgrade to first class on a cross-country flight, and as I was hoisting my little red gear suitcase, duct-taped to within an inch of its life, into the overhead bin, a flight attendant came running at me with barely concealed horror, saying "Oh no honey no no no, this is FIRST class, where is YOUR seat?!" That said, I can't wait to fill that beautiful room with the most beautiful sounds we all can muster, damn the tuxedos. 

THE WILD: As I mentioned, I have a new album coming out in October and that's what we're calling it. I'm excited to share more information about it but I need to keep it all under my hat for another month or so. Esteemed Spouse Jeffrey Foucault and I produced it together and stayed friendly to each other nearly the entire time, making it a marital as well as a musical accomplishment. We'll be playing the release shows co-bill style with a shared band throughout the fall...more on all of this in its own time. 

For now, yours in copious daffodils, *kd

MAY 20 - Shalin Liu Performing Arts Center, ROCKPORT, MA w Tim Gearan

JULY 20 - Village Green, WOODSTOCK, VT **free outdoor show 5:30pm** 
AUGUST 19 - Tina Packer Playhouse @ Shakespeare & Co, LENOX, MA 

Tickets and further details for all shows as always are to be found on the tour page.