Hi everyone, there is a lot happening all at once right now in the world (not to mention in my house and brain) so I think I’ll eschew philosphical musings and focus on tangible, relevant facts this month, as follows:

FALL SHOWS: OCTOBER 10 I’ll return to the Second Shift Music Series at the Charles River Museum of Industry in Waltham MA. This is such a cool space, filled with mesmerizing objects like an antique paper-bag making machine - and it’ll be great to play there with the assistance of dreamboats Sam Moss, Rose Polenzani, and Annie Lynch. We’ll have spent the day rehearsing and arranging new songs we’re getting ready to record, and we’ll definitely take a few of those for their first trip around the block when we hit the stage.

NOVEMBER 7, I get to join Session Americana and most of the guest artists from the “Northeast” record for one more release extravaganza show at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY. The first round of release shows was joyful and transcendent, and I can’t wait to dive in one more time.

November also brings “LINER NOTES,” a unique happening with mighty friends Erin McKeown and Amy Helm. We’ll all play songs interspersed with interviews and conversations about life in music & on the road - and with over 60 years combined touring experience between the three of us, I’m sure we will find a thing or two to discuss. This show will happen at the Shea Theater on 11/15 and - pinch me! - Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock on 11/16…my long-awaited first pilgrimage to the mythical barn!

In DECEMBER I’m looking forward to visiting some nice rooms in the Northeast with Chris Pureka co-headlining. We’ll be at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord NH 12/8, City Winery Boston 12/10, Murmrr Ballroom in Brooklyn, NY 12/11, Sellersville Theater in Sellersville PA 12/12, Jammin Java in Vienna VA 12/13, with a few more to be confirmed.

AIR RUNNING: The new Session Americana record “Northeast” is coming out one single at a time, and the B-side of the current mini-release is a song I sang lead on - "Air, Running Backwards” by my longtime local hero, Chandler Travis. For the uninitiated, Chandler is many things at once: a theatrical genius, an absurdist comic, an inspired performer and bandleader, and, sometimes easy to overlook amidst the spectacle, a truly great songwriter. I’ve loved this one forever and was proud to make an attempt to do it any amount of justice.

STUDIO BOUND: In early November I’ll officially start work on a new album. The way these things go, there won’t be much to show for it for quite some time, and it won’t actually be “out” until probably the second half of 2020…but I am thrilled (also nervous, sleepless, daunted, awash in details, overjoyed, grateful, and fully stoked) that the process is about to begin! More on this as things unfold over the coming months.

Yours on a strictly factual basis, *kd

KD @ Second Shift Music Series, WALTHAM, MA Tix

- KD joins Session Americana on stage to celebrate the release of “NORTHEAST” Tix
NOVEMBER 15 - “Liner Notes:” a Night of Songs & Stories with KD, Erin McKeown, and Amy Helm @ Shea Theater, TURNERS FALLS, MA Tix
NOVEMBER 16 - “Liner Notes:” a Night of Songs & Stories with KD, Erin McKeown, and Amy Helm @ Levon Helm Studios, WOODSTOCK, NY Tix

DECEMBER 8 - KD & Chris Pureka @ Capitol Ctr for the Arts, CONCORD, NH Tix
DECEMBER 10 - KD & Chris Pureka @ City Winery, BOSTON MA Tix
DECEMBER 11 - KD & Chris Pureka @ Murmurr Ballroom, BROOKLYN, NY Tix
DECEMBER 12 - KD & Chris Pureka @ Sellersville Theater, SELLERSVILLE, PA Tix
DECEMBER 13 - KD & Chris Pureka @ Jammin Java, VIENNA, VA Tix

tix/info for all shows http://krisdelmhorst.com/tour