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B/W HORIZONTAL 1 (Sandra Dyas)

B/W HORIZONTAL 1 (Sandra Dyas)



B/W VERTICAL 1 (Joe Navas)

"Blood Test is filled with gem after gem. From the title track to the sentimental "My Ohio" to the closer, "Lighthouse," Delmhorst's voice floats sweetly as a mother's lullaby and passionately as an aching lover's lament." No Depression

"These are deeply felt songs held close to the chest, full of dusky memories (“My Ohio,” “Hushabye”) and hope for a bright future (“Lighthouse,” “Bees”). Delmhorst may not be in a race to make records, but she makes each one worth the wait." Boston Globe

"This is what Delmhorst captures better than any songwriter in the game: the duality of emotion, how we are never just one thing in any given moment. The beauty and comfort in despondency, the inherent fear in joy, the unspoken hesitation in acts or proclamations of confidence - Kris Delmhorst's songs manage to cover that difficult terrain, putting the microscope on the complexities of human behavior" The Buzz About

“Warm and immediately accessible … a voice that breathes through the speakers” -All Music

“Beautifully flaunts [a] minimalist artistic approach…among the best tunes Delmhorst has ever recorded…they get better each time you revisit them.” No Depression

“Frequently waltzes through the shadowy realm where light and dark meet…Delmhorst has become a favorite among music fans who like to be challenged as well as entertained.” Music Box Online

“A work of lo-fi beauty… evidence of an artist taking flight” Boston Herald

“A gorgeous, tender, evocative voice and a textured and varied musical palette” -Amazon

Shotgun Singer is the jaw-dropping song collection that I have always felt Delmhorst was capable of bringing to fruition. My litmus test is, do I really want to hear this record again – for instance, straightaway? This disc assuredly ticks that box.” Folkwax

“A tour de force of singing, writing and production that gains in richness with each repetition.” Performing Songwriter

“This is a remarkable album…as seamless and brave as it is brilliantly creative…don’t let the fact that Virgil and Hermann Broch inspired the title track reduce its deliciously slinky appeal.” Irish Times

"Bold and brilliant… [gives] hot new life to these wise old voices until you’d swear you were listening to heaven’s own hootenanny.” Boston Globe

”We’ve heard many aspirants striving to become ‘the next Norah Jones.’ Most get the cool, ‘come hither’ voice and subtle pop/jazz production down right, then fall short on the essential songs. Seasoned talent Kris Delmhorst has the whole package going on, though…” Philadelphia Daily News

“Alternately moody, euphoric and transcendent, this is the smartest good time you’ll have with a disc all year.” LA Times

”With Strange Conversation, Miss Delmhorst stretches into her stride… few 21st century singers would find the inherent rhythms of Browning’s 1847 ‘A Toccata of Galuppi’s’ so easy to interpret, or Whitman’s loping ‘Passage to India’ so natural as Miss Delmhorst has here.” Washington Times

“The album’s greatest instrument, Delmhorst’s voice, is both powerful and tender, falling somewhere between that of Jolie Holland and Patty Griffin.” American Roots

”Her sweet, sleepy vocals, which sometimes recall Lucinda Williams, keep the album fresh and relaxed, and without the pretense a less experienced songsmith might have brought to the project… the album is an assured model of sophisticated songwriting and heartfelt musicianship.” Boston Globe