October. Fuzzy slippers in the morning, flip-flops by noon. The specific russet light. In the kitchen, we roast peppers and freeze tomatoes, stocking up; in the yard, the elderberry bushes boil with birds doing the same.

In the human world its it's been a particularly difficult week. Reeling from the news from Las Vegas, I was eerily numb. It was only later, blasting Tom Petty records in the house after more bad news, that I could start to crack open, find feelings, find tears, and it reminded me for the zillionth time: this is what music gives us. We get seized up and shut down, whether it's from the shock of a serious tragedy, or just the cumulative effects of all the various armor we need to put on to get through our day. Music takes us by the hand and leads us back to wherever we've stashed our emotions, our humanity even - and opens the door. 

We're heading out on the road in a couple weeks to play THE WILD live for the first time, and the whole project will be this: gather humans in a room together, do our best to make some real music, and hope it helps all of us, on and off the stage, get to where the feelings are.

All of these shows, for the remainder of 2017, will be full-band cobills with Jeffrey Foucault. For the first run, in the Northeast, the lineup is Billy Conway on drums, Jeremy Moses Curtis on bass, and Eric Heywood on pedal steel - a formidable assemblage by any reckoning. JF and I will each get half the night as frontman and the other half as sideman, which to my mind is a perfect ratio. I'll focus mostly on the new album and he'll introduce some tunes from his forthcoming (in 2018) BLOOD BROTHERS. We'll do a few things duet-style along the way too. It's unusual to do a record release tour as a cobill, but this album has been such a family project that we couldn't imagine doing it any other way. We're pulling our daughter out of school and bringing her along in the hopes that she'll take a good look at the whole thing and consider pursuing other lines of work, so that there will be someone in the family with gainful employment who can take care of us down the line when we get rickety. 

Some shows will sell out. You can get tickets for all of them now on the tour page

CDs, LPs, the Outtakes EP, T-shirts, anything along those lines you might need are on the store page

There is a new video up as of today of me & JF playing "Magnolia" in Montana this summer. If you have any dreamy late-summer afternoons left where you are, with slanty golden light and long blue shadows, that'd be your ideal listening situation. 

Thanks everybody and hopefully we'll see you at a show. *kd