Today we release THE WILD back into The Wild whence it came. No one's 100% sure what a record being "out" actually means these days, but we do know that it's now available in online record stores and some physical ones, and that you can call your favorite radio station and request it, and most importantly that you can now get yourself a copy, in CD or LP or download form, in the store. 

Also there you will find the companion EP, OUTTAKES FROM THE WILD - 5 extra songs from the session that we left off the record - and sweet new T-shirts.

Starting next month I'll be hitting the road with Esteemed Spouse/coproducer Jeffrey Foucault and our valiant band (plus our fourth-grader). We'll be playing THE WILD live and previewing JF's upcoming album BLOOD BROTHERS as we trade sets fronting the band and backing each other up. It'll be a rare aligning of forces, and a special night of music, so get your tickets now and come help us fill these rooms with good vibes. The world being what it is right now, we're all going to need an extra helping. 

Thankyou all for being on board with what I do. I feel outrageously lucky to be able to spend my life putting music into the world, and it only works because you're there to receive it. I hope the new songs prove to be good company.

Yours in gratitude, *kd