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There's a long lag time between when you record an album and when you get to start sharing it with the wider world. It was last October, in the full swing of blazing fall foliage, that the band and I holed up in Vermont and made the music that would become my new album THE WILD. Yesterday, floating around in a lake with some nine-year-olds, I saw a few red leaves at the very top of a big maple tree. Almost a whole turn through the seasons, and it's finally time to start introducing the record around to the neighborhood! 

I'm thrilled to announce that you can now PREORDER THE WILD right here: 


I made this record with four of my absolute favorite people on the planet, one of whom I went so far as to marry. Jeffrey and I tend to keep our careers running on separate tracks from separate floors of the house, but for this one we decided to join forces and keep it in the family. We brought the band up to a studio called Verdant, in southern Vermont, not too far from our place. It’s an old barn reformatted as a studio, funky in all the right ways and a great place to hang out and be creative. We all slept there in various unglamorous conditions, kept the wood-stove going most of the time, and JF cooked us all some beautiful meals using only a grill and a toaster oven. We brought the dog, who raised morale and made us get outside on a regular basis, which was her whole job. We cut eighteen songs in three days - no small task, especially with most of the first day being devoted to just dialing in the room setup, but this is a band that specializes in getting down to business. 

What I can tell you about the songs is that they're grownup songs. They're about the cyclical motion that runs through our existence like a tide: lose the path, find the path, again and again. They're about how life can get strange as it goes along, and how you can become a stranger to yourself, and your partner or your muse can become strangers too, and then all you can do is keep forging ahead through this strangeness until you start to recognize some landmarks again. The band - Billy Conway, Jeremy Moses Curtis, Alex McCollough, & JF - created sonic settings that make those difficult topics easy on the ears: patient, deep, uncluttered, and ranging from lean and wiry to gorgeously lush. I feel vastly lucky to have been able to make this album with such profound musicians and great friends, and to now be able to share it with you.

I’m releasing this album at an uncertain time in the music business. Our "product" has become a free good, more or less, and for anyone whose life depends on making and selling music this is a significant dilemma. The implied message is that The Market doesn't put a high value on music, but we know that music matters as much to people's lives as it ever did. This kind of crowd-funded campaign is an opportunity for you, aka music fans, aka The Market, to affirm that you do indeed value music and want to support people continuing to be able to make it. Please share the pre-order link with anyone you can, the grass-roots network is the only way this sort of thing succeeds.


FALL TOUR: The dates for the fall are now, as far as we know, complete. These clubs range from cavernous to cozy; make sure you get tickets early to be safe. All shows will be co-bills with Jeffrey Foucault, taking turns fronting the band and playing on each other's sets. 

Further details for all shows, as always, are to be found on the website

Yours above and beyond market-based economics, *kd