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Some of you know I worked as a vegetable farmer for a bunch of years before becoming a full-time musician, and this time of year is indelibly bound up for me with the feelings of the harvest season: the bursting yield of the crops, the slight panic at the seeming impossibility of keeping up with them, the giddy, strung-out, overtired high from working to bring it all in, the background hints of winter waiting in the wings. These days, I just have a semi-feral vegetable garden out back, and some fruit trees & shrubs, and still every fall the kitchen counters are crammed with cabbage and tomatoes, raspberries and plums, in overwhelming, slightly alarming, beautiful abundance.

I love to release an album in this season because it lines right up with all of this. It feels perfectly parallel to have a counter dangerously full of plums and a sunporch dangerously full of boxes of records. After the long growing process, it's thrilling, satisfying, exhausting, and slightly wistful to bring these songs out of the field and hand them over to the people who will put them to use in their lives. 

In the interest of which, there's one week left to sign up for your early copy of THE WILD and behind the scenes musings, right here:


I feel bountifully lucky for the interest, support, and encouragement people have given this new album, and for all the sharing and word-of-mouthing many of you have been doing. As a ruminative person making ruminative music, it's an awkward task to run around the internet trying to get people to give you their attention, let alone their money. Any spreading of the word any of you do is deeply, gratefully appreciated. We'll hope to see you at a show this fall - see below for details.

Yours in seasonal abundance, *kd

FALL TOUR: Release tours for THE WILD start in October and go through the end of the year, all co-bills with Jeffrey Foucault, taking turns fronting the band and playing on each other's sets. Come catch us as we swing through! Further details for all shows, as always, are to be found on the tour page.