2019 seems to have brought with it a strong current of collaborative projects and shared stages, which makes me very happy. More on this as the year unspools, but for now here are some upcoming examples:

BROOKLYN WITH EROCK: Erin McKeown and I have been friends since the Actual Dawn of Time. We live 8 miles away from each other in the hills of western Mass, and once I even made most of a record (Shotgun Singer) in her house, which, much like its occupant, is physically compact but overflowing with good energy and inspirational forces. Erin’s had a wide range of projects in the works lately including musical theater, education, and activism, but she also still sometimes just plays some damn songs and that’s what we’ll be doing, some by ourselves and some together, 4/13 at Brooklyn’s Jalopy Theater.

Jalopy is a unique vibey space tucked away in an odd corner of Red Hook, near the entrance to the Battery Tunnel. There’s assorted banjos on the wall and usually at least one dog in attendance, and a sweet bar attached next door. My great-great grandfather had a tailor shop right around the corner. It’s a homey feeling club in my homeland, Erin and I feel homey with each other, come make yourself at home.

SUB ROSETTE: One of my favorite recurring phenomena in life is the loose collective called Sub Rosa, a magical umbrella which comprises sprawling, ephemeral, seat-of-pants collaborative shows as well as an annual songwriting retreat where any number of my songs have been born. The usual Sub Rosa experience involves a cast of thousands, but starting this month ringleader Rose Polenzani is experimenting with a new scaled-down recurrent version with a smaller footprint. April 17 at the Lizard Lounge is the first one and I’m very excited to be a part of it along with Rose, Dana Colley, Dietrich Strause, Dave Godowsky, Annie Lynch, Zachariah Hickman, and Billy Beard, playing songs to the theme “Great and Small.” Literally no one knows what will happen! Come on down!

PROVINCETOWN WITH SPOUSE: An early heads-up that Jeffrey Foucault and I will play a relatively rare duo show, playing both of our songs around one mic, on May 26 at Twenty Summers in Provincetown, MA. If you live on Cape or were considering heading out for Memorial Day weekend, get your tickets now and we’ll see you there.

NEW SESSION AMERICANA ALBUM “NORTHEAST:” It would take a pretty involved Venn diagram to map out all the different connections between me and the members of the band Session Americana over the years, but a more succinct way to say it is that we are family. When Session asked me to help produce/wrangle/referree their new record “NORTHEAST” which is due out in September, I jumped at the chance to spend time in the studio with them and a cavalcade of other friends. The record is a collection of songs by writers from New England - James Taylor, Donna Summer, Jonathan Richman, Carly Simon, Bill Morrissey, Pixies, Mark Sandman, Patty Griffin, etc - as performed by the Session boys and a slew of local friends including Rose Polenzani, Merrie Amsterburg, Zak Trojano, Duke Levine, John Powhida, Jennifer Kimball, Dietrich Strause, Ali McGuirk, and more. It’s been a great time and it’s gonna be a great listen. A Kickstarter campaign to help fund this beast is now under way…click below to find out more and get on the train.

Lastly, continuing in the theme, here are a few recent releases from friends and allies that I can heartily recommend if you’re in the market for something new to listen to or read:

Peter Mulvey “There Is Another World” (Righteous Babe) - a ruminative and lovely record from my brother-in-song
Lula Wiles “What Will We Do” (Smithsonian Folkways) - strong, smart, beautiful music from one of the best new(ish) bands I know of
Chris Dombrowski Ragged Anthem (Wayne State University Press) - the newest book of transcendent/funny/brilliant/devastating poems from Montana geniusfriend

Yours in togetherness, *kd

- Jalopy Theater, BROOKLYN, NY **co-bill w Erin McKeown** Tix
APRIL 17 - Lizard Lounge, CAMBRIDGE, MA **SUB ROSETTE with Rose Polenzani, Dana Colley, Dietrich Strause, Dave Godowsky, Annie Lynch, Zachariah Hickman, and Billy Beard** Tix
MAY 24 - Twenty Summers, PROVINCETOWN, MA **co-bill w Jeffrey Foucault** Tix

tix/info for all shows http://krisdelmhorst.com/tour